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Employment History

December 1999-present










1998 – PRESENT



September 1997-August 2000




Founder and President, Ukrainian Distance Learning System (UDL System www.udl.org.ua).



The main goal of the organization is to expand and develop distance learning in Ukraine and other NIS using Internet technologies.

Organization objective:

-          Provide complex assistance to universities and other institutions  in introducing e-learning  into the educational process, corporate training and business development;

-          Develop methodological, ICT and managerial solutions for organizing distance learning in the Internet environment;

-          Creation and administration of the educational web-portal -online courses incubation  for course design and management;

-          distance-modular training program "Professional Development in Distance Education" and forming virtual community of professionals interested in promoting and developing up-to-date methods of learning.

Ukrainian Distance Learning System was created in December 1999 as a partnership of 27 Ukrainian universities and business centers. It was officially registered as an NGO in January 2001.


Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems in Management, Lviv Institute of Management

Teaching courses and trainings: “Innovation and Project Management”

Also lectured at the International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv), 1998; at the Cape Technikon University, Cape Town, South Africa, 2000; at the Loyola College, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2001.


Deputy In-Country Manager and Director for Development for the USAID funded program of Business Incubator Development in Ukraine managed by Loyola College in Maryland (USA), in cooperation with the International Management Institute (MIM - Kyiv), and the Institute of Mono-crystals of National Academy of Science in Kharkiv.

Organization of technology-based business incubators network to promote Ukrainian entrepreneurship development


Director, Technology Promotion Center, Lviv Institute of Management

Technology solutions development for business and education



Research  projects and grants

April-July 2002

"Social Partnership - a paradigm for success" - Distance Learning course supported by the World Bank and Renaissance International Fund for 45 participants from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: a felicitous combination and use of various innovative forms of learning: video-conference, distance e-learning and case method.

March-April 2002

Internet-forum “Corporate Governance Development”. One hundred and twenty managers of joint stock companies, shareholders, consultants, researchers and governmental representatives from different regions of Ukraine, all who are concerned about the development and improvement of corporate culture as the basis for economic growth of Ukraine, took part in the event.

may 1999- september 2002


Distance Learning in Business Management. – International project with Loyola College, USA, supported by US Department of State.

may 2000-
may 2001

Distance Learning Development in Business and Project Management. – Research project with Open University, England, and e-listserve creation supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, USA according to grant administered by International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX).


Analysis of business environment in countries with transitional economy and formation of proposals concerning the creation of favorable conditions for technology-oriented small business development in Ukraine. – Research project with Center for Innovations and Development (Kyiv), Kharkiv Technology Center, Philadelphia City Science Center, and ITRI, Loyola College in Maryland, USA.


Analysis of polarization effects in mono-crystals of gallium oxide (laser matrixes)  and development of ultraviolet sensors. - Lviv National University.


Education and Certifications





Lviv Institute of Management, Master of Business Administration



Lviv State University, Ph.D. in physics and mathematics (October 1994)



Lviv State University, Diploma with honors (radiophysics).




July , 2000

Distance Learning for Business Development, Loyola College, Baltimore, MD, USA

April, 2000

Technique and methodology of Distance Education, Open University, Great Britain

January-February, 2000

Ukrainian Technopark Managers Course – Loyola College, Maryland, USA

August, 1999

Wired Education Workshop – Central Eastern European Network (CEENet), Budapest, Hungary

April, 1999

Project management - Munich Academy of Management, Munich, Germany

June, 1998

Business Incubators and Entrepreneurship - Loyola College, Maryland, USA

July, 1998

Strategic Positioning of Business Schools and Management Training Institutes – Munich Academy of Management International, Germany, the European Foundation for Management Development

Feb-March, 1997

Technology transfer and small business development - Northwest University, Evanston, Illinois, USA

Feb-March, 1996

Technology management and Principles of organization sustainability – University City Science Center, Philadelphia, USA and IREX, Kyiv, Ukraine

Sept. 1995

MBA internship program - Wayne State University, Michigan, USA




Publications and participation in International conferences


1.        Ukrainian Distance learning System: from innovation to implementation. – 3rd International Conference “Internet-Education-Science 2002”, Vynnytsya, Ukraine, October 2002.

2.        Rules of the game in the intellectual property market. – Business and Innovations, catalogue of scientific innovative proposals for entrepreneurship and methodology of their application, Lviv, Ukraine, September 2002.

3.        Peculiarities of using case method in the distance form of learning. – 6th International Conference of the Ukrainian Distance Learning Association “Education and Virtuality – 2001”, Yalta, Ukraine, September 2002.

4.        Situation analysis, or anatomy of case method. – Kyiv: Center for Innovations and Development, 2002. – 286 p.

5.        Preparing educational courses using multimedia and the Internet. – 5th International Conference of Ukrainian association in distance education, Education and Virtuality-2001, Yalta, Ukraine September 2001.

6.        On-line Tutoring in Global Distance Learning Environment. - 20th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education, Düsseldorf /Germany, April 1-5, 2001.

7.        Business Education and Web-based Distance Learning Technologies. – “Synergy” analytical-methodological journal in business education, #1, November, 2000.

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13.     Traditional education resources and new technologies. - 1st Annual National Conference, Business and Management Education in Ukraine, December 1999, Odesa, Ukraine.

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15.     Electronic Distance Education Development in Ukraine.- Project presentation on the International workshop and conference "Emerging Global Electronic Distance Learning (EGEDL-99)" August 1999, Finland.

16.     Business Incubator and Technology Based Small Business Development.- The report on the International Conference ”Youth and Business: SMEs, government institution and high school" November 1998, Ukraine.

17.     Business, Medical and Telecommunication Coalition in Ukraine. - Presentation in "Global Lecture Hall (GLH)" and videoconference on NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND DISTANCE EDUCATION, Manaus, Amazona, Brazil, October 21, 1998.

18.     New Technology and Firm Development Strategy. - The report on the Science Conference “The Actual Problems of the Regional Scientific-Technical Development” 1997, Ukraine.

19.     Technology and Business Development Program. - The report on the International Conference “Problems & Perspectives of Innovation-Oriented Activity in Central and East European Countries” , June 1997, Lithuania.

20.     Creation of Favorable Conditions for Technology Commercialization. - The report International Conference “Reforms in Science: Commercialization, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management” October 1996, Ukraine



Language Proficiency: fluent in Ukrainian, English and Russian.